Post-Meetup Thoughts:

What to do in the days after speaking (other than to relax)? After the meetup, there are few things we encourage you to do –– one thing is to share your slides with attendees.

If you aren’t sure how to share, the Elastic Community team can upload them to our website, and share the link with you. Just email us at [email protected].

We then encourage you to share the link on the comments section of the event page for the meetup. This is a good way to make sure the attendees have access to your slides, and a good place to thank them for making it to your talk, and see if anyone has any follow-up questions or feedback.

If it was recorded, ask for the link so you can share it within your network. We’ll also encourage organizers to share it in the comments section of the page, as well as on our YouTube meetup playlist.

Finally, start to think about where you’ll present this talk next! You’ve done the hard work of getting the information to flow together, and now you can tweak and share the knowledge with new audiences.

Other local user groups in your area are almost certainly looking for speakers, and your topic may fit right in (a lot of Elastic user group speakers also speak at their DevOps or Java user groups). If you’re traveling, you may want to check in with regional Elastic user groups. And, tech conferences (like Elastic{ON}) are great places to showcase your talk on a larger stage — keep an eye out for the CFPs.

To quote the wise Elasticsearch engineer, Nik Everett:

“If I spend 15 hours on prepping for a 45 min talk, I’m really going to need to give this talk again and again”

Another way to share your talk is to turn it into a blog post. We’d even be happy to share it in our community newsletter!

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