What style of presentation do you want to give?

Many speakers opt for a presentation with slides, but you are more than welcome to get creative and try out other formats. Other common styles include:

  1. Lightning Talk. Perfect if you’ve got a bite-size topic. Lightning talks are 5-10 minutes long, and can be a great way to ease into presenting.
  2. Demo. “Show, don’t tell.” Demos can be combined with the normal presentation slides or you go sans slides and just show a demo. We often see folks starting with 2–5 slides for background context and then diving into the demo.
  3. Hands on Lab. Want to get attendees more involved? Opt for a hand’s on approach. Have attendees bring their laptops and follow along. This option will take some additional prep and time for setup, but we are happy to walk you through it, and share some best practices and common gotchas.
  4. Whiteboard. Sometimes you just want to get away from the screens and diagram it out. Give up the slides for a whiteboard lesson.
  5. Round-table/Birds of a Feather. Do you have a really good topic that you’re itching to talk with other folks about? Lead a discussion!
  6. Q&A session. If there’s a certain part of the Elastic Stack you’re experienced in, offer yourself up for attendee questions.

Check out some other options that are detailed in our community organizer guide.

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