Think about your audience.

If you are presenting at an Elastic user group, there is a good chance most attendees will have some knowledge and hands-on experience with the Elastic Stack. Experience levels will differ from newbies to expert users so plan accordingly. It is okay (and suggested) to set expectations in your abstract or at the beginning of the presentation, if your talk is geared towards a specific experience level.

If you are speaking at a non-Elastic user group about the Elastic Stack, then be aware that you might be introducing members of the audience to the software for the first time. For example, a DevOps user group or a JavaScript user group may need a few extra minutes in the intro to give everyone the context needed for your talk. A good rule of thumb is to check with the local organizer –– they should have a good idea of the experience level of their user group members. They should also have a good understanding of topics the group is interested in hearing about.

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