Meetup Agenda:

Like the format, agendas can differ by region and group. Most agendas include some time to network and partake in refreshments, as well as a schedule of speakers. A common meetup agenda:

  1. Start time: Doors usually open about thirty minutes before the first talk. Try and get there at the beginning, to give yourself some extra time to account for any transportation delays, find parking if needed, and register or check-in with building security.
  2. The first 30 minutes: This is a great time to grab some food & a beverage, mingle with the community, and touch base with the organizers — or follow whatever pre-speaking rituals you may have.
  3. 30 minutes after start time: Talks start –– speaker #1 is up! Talks will last about 20-25 minutes with Q&A. You can choose to take questions at the end or during the presentation –– whatever your preference.
  4. 60 – 75 minutes after doors open: Speaker #2 usually starts about 30-45 minutes after the first speaker.
  5. [insert more speakers here, if needed]
  6. Talks should wrap-up about 2–3 hours after doors open, and attendees tend to stick around to ask more questions or mingle.

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