Creating an abstract and bio.

There is about a 99.999% chance the community organizer is going to ask for an abstract and bio to list on the meetup announcement. This is a great way to let attendees know what you are planning to talk about, and we’ve found there is a stronger turnout and a better conversation when attendees know what to expect.

What is an abstract? An abstract is a concise paragraph summarizing your talk.

Examples/how-to guides:

Philip Koopman, from the Carnegie Mellon University put together some instructions on how to write an abstract.

O’Reilly Sample Proposals

What is a bio? A brief description of YOU, the speaker. This only needs to be a sentence or two, usually mentioning your current role and past experience. Feel free to add something fun to your bio as well, like you hold the Guinness World Record for greatest distance moonwalked in one hour. It can be weird writing about yourself sometimes, and even experienced speakers are sometimes tripped up by these short bios. A good trick for getting started is to find a friend who will write the first version for you. Then you can return the favor, and you can both tweak your bios instead of trying to describe yourself on a blank page.

Examples/how-to guides:

The Professional Bio Template That Makes Everyone Sound Accomplished

Wiki-How: Write a Personal Bio

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